About us

Our story

We would love to tell you a bit more about ourselves and Attipas' journey to the UK market. The first steps of our story were made in late 2016, after a visit to one of the biggest international baby fairs, where we encountered Attipas for the first time. When we first saw Attipas shoes we were absolutely amazed. From one perspective, these shoes looked strange and unusual, but from another perspective they also looked very cute and adorable. As parents we know that not everything cute is good for babies’ health, so we started to investigate the brand Attipas. We were delighted to discover that Attipas baby and toddler shoes are not only pretty, they are actually the healthiest option for toddlers' foot development and are based on seven years of research and development with the “Motor Development Center” at Seoul University. We found out that Attipas is inextricably linked to the science of walking!

Who we are and what we do

We created a company named Alexino Trading Ltd and obtained an exclusive distributorship to the UK market for the brand Attipas. We receive goods directly from manufacturer in South Korea and successfully distribute them all over the UK. We are selling not only to consumer customers but to retail stores as well. We put the maximum effort in to make sure our shoes are accessible to everyone!

Our mission

Our mission is to give every family the opportunity to buy high quality, healthy, beautiful and affordable shoes for children who are starting to enjoy their first steps. We would like to introduce this amazing and fun footwear to every child who revels in their own original style. There is no doubt that your baby will enjoy wearing their Attipas shoes as much as they do looking at them, which will bring you many beautiful and joyful moments to share together.

The first steps your baby takes must be both healthy and memorable - Attipas will make sure of it!